Ten Questions for Your Doctor on Vaccines.

Here are ten questions I would ask your pediatrician or doctor, before vaccinating your child. Answers are given under each question. Sources and more information are at the end of the article.

Below the Q&A is a link to another article I wrote, explaining what your pediatrician or doctor may do in order to convince you to vaccinate (instead of directly answering your questions). Please take some time to read that article as well.


Q#1: What are some of the ingredients in vaccines besides weakened/live or killed viruses and bacteria?

Answer: Aluminum, mercury, antibiotics, animal blood and tissue, human aborted fetal cell DNA “MRC-5” & “WI-38”, MSG…

Q#1a: Is there aluminum in vaccines? Is it toxic?

Answer: Yes, vaccines such as DTaP and Tdap, hepatitis B, pneumococcal and Hib, all contain aluminum adjuvants. There’s a significant amount of medical research which has found that aluminum in vaccines is causing neurological damage (to varying degrees depending on the individual) and may also cause the development of autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, no scientific study has ever been performed to determine how much aluminum is safe to inject into your child. This is a fatal flaw in the claim that aluminum in vaccines is safe.

Q#1b: Is there mercury in vaccines?

Answer: Yes, in the multi-dose flu vaccines, and trace amounts in one of the single dose flu vaccines.

Q#1c: I have read that human aborted fetuses have been used in vaccine production. Is this true? Is it potentially harmful to have DNA from these aborted fetuses injected into my child?

Answer: Yes, there is evidence that over 80 babies were aborted to make vaccines in the 60s, and vaccines like the MMR, chickenpox, and shingles contain human aborted fetal cell DNA because the manufacturers cannot filter the DNA fragments out of the final product. Scientific studies have found that these DNA fragments are biologically active and can potentially spontaneously integrate into the host genome. New “cell lines” for vaccines continue to be developed today, which require new abortions.

Q#2: What adverse reactions can happen to my child when they are vaccinated?

Answer: High fever, diarrhea, vomiting, screaming/persistent crying for 2-3 hours, encephalitis, seizure, ear infection, meningitis, paralysis, ataxia, respiratory distress, thrombocytopenia, SIDS/death…

Q#3: Do vaccines have any unintended negative long-term effects to health?

Answer: Yes, they can cause chronic neurological damage through repeated low-dose toxicity, and can cause autoimmune disease to develop that mimics the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome… they have been linked to multiple sclerosis as well, and can also increase the risk of respiratory infections, and more.

Q#4: How long should I monitor my child for these types of reactions and adverse health effects?

Answer: For most of these adverse reactions – No less than three weeks. Autoimmune disease can manifest years later, due to the aluminum adjuvant at the injection site triggering “ASIA” or “MMF”.

Q#5: Will you recognize my child’s adverse reactions to vaccines when they happen weeks after shots were given?

Answer: Most doctors are not aware that most vaccine reactions happen days or weeks later, and often 2-3 weeks post-vaccination. If your child does not have an immediate reaction, within minutes of receiving the vaccine, your doctor will likely try to convince you that any new negative health effects that manifest are unrelated. Medical professionals typically do not monitor for adverse events and rely upon parents to tell them when they believe their child is experiencing an adverse event from vaccines. This is why less than 1% of adverse events are ever reported to VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).

Q#6: What should I do if my child has had an adverse reaction or develops a new health symptom within three weeks?

Answer: Document the reaction or change in your child’s health, and tell your pediatrician and report it to VAERS. If damage is severe, submit a claim to the VICP – the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. You cannot sue the doctor or the vaccine manufacturer. Unfortunately, your doctor or pediatrician won’t likely believe you that your child was harmed, even if you are 100% certain the vaccines harmed your child.

Q#7: How much has our government paid out for vaccine injuries?

Answer: As of February 2019, over $4 billion.

Q#8: Is there any truth to the claim that vaccines cause autism?

Answer: Yes, the VICP has compensated 83 cases of neurological damage which resulted in autism diagnoses. A CDC study which claimed the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism was found to be fraudulent. One of the senior scientists who worked on the study came forward and confessed to manipulating the data. The CDC has failed to address this matter. In addition, the expert witness used by the Department of Justice to deny thousands of vaccine-induced autism claims in the Autism Omnibus proceedings has recently come forward admitting fraud on the part of the DOJ – and that vaccines actually can cause autism. This is on top of a significant amount of published medical literature which has linked vaccines and their ingredients to neurological damage and autism.

Q#9: Are there ways to treat any of these “vaccine preventable diseases” naturally?

Answer: Yes, scientific research has found that measles and mumps can be treated with high dose vitamin A, whooping cough can be treated with high dose vitamin C. Rotavirus is inactivated by breastmilk.

Q#10: Do you “the doctor” have any kind of financial incentive to make sure I vaccinate my child?

Answer: Almost assuredly, yes. Insurance companies across the US offer incentive programs for providers. One of them is for children being up to date with certain vaccines by age 2. This may work out to a huge bonus by the end of the year, in the $25,000-$75,000 range depending on the amount your doctor receives per patient up to date, and how many eligible patients are in his or her practice. Your child might be the reason he or she does not receive this bonus. Therefore, the larger the incentive, the more likely they are to drop you as a patient for not vaccinating your child.

I sincerely hope your pediatrician can answer at least a few of the above questions with some detail. However, it is more likely that he or she will attempt to discredit the information above, and instead try to push you to vaccinate your child.

Read the article, “How Your Pediatrician Will Pressure You to Vaccinate.”

Be fully prepared to say, “No” to vaccines.


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