Measles Vaccine Increases Transport of Neurotoxic Metals into the Brain.

Would the existence of one fully unvaccinated, autistic child, prove there is no link between vaccines and autism?

Let me ask you this:

Would one non-smoker who developed lung cancer, disprove the link between smoking and lung cancer?

Of course not.

From my own investigation of the published medical research, this association is much more complex, but it involves the aluminum (and the mercury and the aborted fetal cell DNA) within the vaccines which causes significant damage during critical neurodevelopmental phases of a child’s life, which can result in an autism diagnosis.

And of course, you can be exposed to aluminum (and mercury, and other neurotoxic substances) via other routes of exposure – without ever having had a vaccine.

A vaccine injection is simply the most direct – and therefore often the most potent – exposure you can have to these substances.

Likewise, you can be exposed to carcinogenic particulates / air pollution which increases your risk of developing lung cancer without ever having smoked a cigarette. Smoking is simply a very direct and potent carcinogenic exposure to your lungs.

Enter, the MMR vaccine.

The MMR vaccine is notorious when it comes to the vaccine-autism debate.

Thousands of parents (if not tens of thousands or more) have witnessed their children regress into autism following this vaccine. (And subsequently been told they are delusional.)

If you’ve watched the film, Vaxxed, you’ll know there is some controversy over a fraudulent CDC study which found no increased risk of autism with receipt of the MMR vaccine.

The documents that were recovered from a CDC whistleblower who worked on that study, told a different story.

Interestingly, the MMR does not (or is not supposed to) contain either of these neurotoxic metals, yet it tends to be what tips neuro-sensitive or genetically vulnerable children over the edge.


According to the medical research below, these children have been loaded up with aluminum (via DTaP, Hep B, Hib, PCV vaccines, etc.) and when they are subsequently injected with the live viruses in the MMR vaccine at 15-18 months of age, the measles virus within the vaccine significantly increases transport of the aluminum metal across the blood brain barrier, via aluminum-loaded and viral-infected white blood cells, such as macrophages or lymphocytes.

To put it plainly:

Aluminum is injected into muscle tissue via vaccine.

White blood cells attempt to engulf the aluminum to protect the body. Most of the aluminum remains in the body long term in these cells or at the injection site.

Aluminum-loaded white blood cells travel around the body in a relatively limited fashion until the individual contracts a viral infection (via a virus which uses white blood cells to enter into the central nervous system, such as measles).

Then these aluminum-loaded and now measles virus-infected white blood cells gain entry into the brain, where aluminum is deposited, causing severe neurological damage.

The live measles virus in the MMR vaccine is able to open up passage to the brain just as the wild virus does.

What’s the evidence for this?

Chris Exley, PhD and expert on aluminum toxicology, has written about this phenomenon regarding aluminum adjuvants (aluminum injected via vaccines) taken up by white blood cells. In particular, he and his team at Keele University in the UK have found that this provides an explanation for the high levels of aluminum in the brains of autistic individuals.

“…some cells, both present at and infiltrating the injection site, are compromised and especially immediately, other cells act to remedy the situation by taking up aluminium adjuvant into their cytoplasm [18]. This action reduces the concentration of biologically reactive (toxic) aluminium at the injection site and locks away potentially cytotoxic aluminium in intracellular vesicles.

Herein may be the real issue linking aluminium adjuvants and severe adverse events following a vaccine. These aluminium-loaded cells remain viable for days, potentially weeks, which means that they can transport their cargo of aluminium anywhere in the body including the infant brain.

The recruitment of systemic cells including macrophages to the central nervous system is a widely documented phenomenon [19]. There is now a viable mechanism for the accelerated loading of an infant’s brain with aluminium and evidence to support such a mechanism was demonstrated in our recent paper on aluminium in brain tissue in autism [20].”


Here is a helpful comment Exley made on a 2019 Danish study regarding MMR and autism (which was clearly tampered with), and how the aluminum-loading in addition to the MMR vaccine may play an important role:

Comment source:

It’s clear from Exley’s above research that aluminum is sequestered by white blood cells after injection.

But what is the mechanism by which the viruses increase transport across the blood brain barrier?

And is the measles virus able to do this?

What about the vaccine virus?


The following quotes have been taken from an article specifically discussing viruses or viral infection increasing permeability of and/or transport across the blood brain barrier:

“There are a variety of means by which viruses enter the brain, primarily via neuronal transport or by crossing of one of several barriers to the central nervous system (CNS), including the BBB or the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier (choroid plexus). Several recent reviews covered viral entry via axonal transport and the resulting neuronal damage [2–4]. This review will focus on CNS entry mechanisms used by viruses that breach the BBB.”

Migration of lymphocytes (white blood cells) infected with virus is greater than lymphocytes not infected with virus:

“…migration of [viral] infected lymphocytes across hCMEC/D3* cells is higher than migration of [uninfected] lymphocytes.”

*hCMEC/D3 is a human endothelial cell line which is used in research as a model for the blood brain barrier.

Viruses can alter tight junctions and increase permeability of the blood brain barrier:

“As with WNV, infection of mice with JEV [virus] results in deformation of tight junctions and increased permeability of Evans blue dye in the brain.”

Viruses target tight junction proteins in the blood brain barrier as entry receptors into the brain:

“Viruses interact not only with tight junctions in the [blood brain barrier], but also tight junctions of airway and intestinal epithelial cells [79]. Some components of tight junctions or adherens junctions are viral attachment receptors or entry factors.”

“Why viruses use tight junction proteins as attachment or entry receptors is poorly understood [79]. However, in the setting of the BBB, targeting of tight junctions may enable viral access to the brain parenchyma.”


Measles (both wild type and vaccine virus) infects lymphocytes and is able to enter the brain:

“It is still unclear how [measles virus] enters the CNS, however in recent years it has become apparent that the blood-brain-barrier allows entry of lymphocytes into the brain [65,66]. Moreover, it has been shown that the brain even contains lymphatic vessels [67]. Therefore, infected lymphocytes circulating in peripheral blood during viremia could carry the virus into the CNS, where the virus could be transmitted via a yet unknown cellular entry receptor or receptor-independent entry mechanisms.”


“Both vaccine and [wild type measles virus] strains infect lymphocytes, monocytes, and dendritic cells (DCs) using the signaling lymphocyte activation molecule (CD150/SLAM).”


Of course, we already know that the live vaccine virus is able to enter the brain and cause encephalopathies based on the MMR vaccine insert.

Putting it all together.

There are quite a number of studies which have looked at the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.

These studies are used by the CDC and the AAP to support the industry claim that vaccines do not cause autism. But when you take a deeper look at the research, you begin to see the weakness of their claim.

It is clear that these studies are missing a huge piece of the puzzle. They are completely ignoring the aluminum-loading into these children prior to receiving the MMR vaccine, by typically designing these studies to look only at whether or not the MMR vaccine was administered (and not at whether or not the child received copious amounts of aluminum).

And while aluminum exposure might be the most important factor (as many children regress prior to receiving the MMR vaccine), it’s not just aluminum. It’s genetic susceptibility. Kidney function. Blood brain barrier permeability. Mitochondrial dysfunction. And more.

They haven’t investigated this.

For a neuro-sensitive, mitochondrial impaired, or genetically vulnerable child in general, all of these variables work together as the perfect (and terrible) storm for severe neurological damage to occur and regression into autism, following routine childhood vaccinations.

Our hope is that the proper studies will eventually be conducted by trustworthy experts.

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