Juicing & the Plant Based Diet

The following workshop was held on Monday, September 19th, 2022.

VIDEO PRESENTATION, HERE, on the Main Health Solutions YouTube channel.


I was invited by Dr. Rosie Main of Main Health Solutions to do a workshop on juicing and the plant based diet. I also made spiced curry lentil soup, Caesar salad, and almond butter & date muffins for attendees to try as samples (recipes below).

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • – What is the ideal diet for the human species, and why
  • – Ways in which the human body adapts to alternative diets
  • – What the longest living people on earth eat
  • – Balancing protein needs and kidney health
  • – “Anti-nutrients” such as phytates, lectins, & oxalates
  • – Why you shouldn’t be concerned about fruit sugar
  • – What a typical day looks like for me when it comes to food
  • – The benefits of juicing
  • – Tips on juicing and getting a juicer
  • – My personal experiences with juicing & my favorite juices
  • – Why slow transitions with diet are best

In a time of massive amounts of conflicting information on diet and nutrition, I hope the information in this presentation is helpful to you.