Interviewed by Polly Tommey of Vaxxed.

A condensed version of my story in an interview with Polly of Vaxxed can be viewed here:


In it, I explain how my son was vaccine injured and how I started bringing him back. There was too much to share. I didn’t even get to the part where my son had digestive issues and stomach pain every day, morning, night. He would wake up in the middle of the night with stomach pain and go to bed with it. Now he no longer has pain.

After we cut gluten, dairy, soy, most grains and animal products, processed food, almost all sugar except for fruit, and started eating 90-95% organic produce, he started healing. About 6 months later, he no longer complained of stomach pain. He no longer has tics. He is thriving and emotionally connecting and so affectionate. He loves to play with other kids, when he used to be in his own little world much of the time. I’ll forever be thankful to Dr. Wakefield for simply listening to the parents who came to him with their concerns. I’m so thankful that Del Bigtree chose to take up this cause and fight against corruption at the CDC. They are heroes for so many parents in this world who have no one else to be a voice for them. And what an incredible voice they have become.

Keep reading, keep sharing. Educate yourselves. Don’t stop.