How your pediatrician will pressure you to vaccinate. 

Are you planning to delay vaccines, selectively vaccinate, or fully decline vaccines for your child?  You might want to read this first.

Employees of a major vaccine manufacturer wrote an article for medical professionals… attempting to train them on how to manipulate parents into vaccinating their children.

Tactics for addressing parents with “Vaccine Hesitancy“… for health care providers:


Here are some of the manipulative tactics given to doctors to pressure you into vaccinating:

Tactic: Your pediatrician will NOT present the option to not vaccinate.

Example: “We’re going to give Henry his vaccines today to protect him from deadly diseases…”

Truth: Every parent has the right to opt out of vaccines and no respectable medical professional should EVER attempt to vaccinate your child without your consent!


Tactic: Your pediatrician will downplay valid concerns over risks of vaccine reactions and injuries.

Example: “Vaccine reactions are extremely rare.”

Truth: No, vaccine reactions and injuries are relatively common, especially when only 1-10% of reactions are ever reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System [VAERS] and when questioning parents are ridiculed by doctors for ever thinking the vaccines could have harmed their child. Read a vaccine insert and learn about all of the side effects… you know, something the doctor has likely *never* read. And, join a vaccine education FB group and see how many parents wake up to the truth after their children have already been injured. Follow Autism Media Channel on Periscope and watch live videos of people sharing their vaccine injury stories. Don’t turn a blind eye to those who have watched their children suffer after they believed that vaccinating their child was the right thing to do.


Tactic: Your pediatrician will play on your fears of infectious diseases.

Example: “Your child is in real danger if they are not vaccinated. Now I’m going to tell you a scary story.”

Truth: These diseases are legitimately not to be feared where sanitary living conditions, good nutrition, clean water, proper hygiene, and effective treatment options are standard. 93% of all mortality from infectious diseases in the US in the 1900s had already dropped before vaccines ever made it onto the scene – but the vaccine manufacturers gladly took the credit. And let’s not be ignorant of the fact that live-virus vaccines shed, can cause infection in those who are vaccinated, and have the potential to spread disease.


Tactic: Your pediatrician will remind you of who the authority is (hint: not you, you are fearfully ignorant and naive and should not be making decisions regarding your child’s health!).

Example: “I’m an expert…”

Truth: Actually, doctors learn nothing about vaccine ingredients or how they are linked to autoimmune and neurological disease, among other health issues, in medical school.


Tactic: Your pediatrician will appeal to your trusting nature.

Example: “You can trust me, I care. I vaccinated my kids and they are fine.”

Truth: Unfortunately, most of the time “fine” really means: recurrent ear infections or respiratory infections, high fevers, febrile seizures, developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, etc. And – you can’t trust someone who doesn’t know anything about vaccines except for what the vaccine manufacturers and corrupt regulatory agencies have told them.


Sigh. If you go to a wellness visit and they pull this on you, know where it’s coming from. Straight from the vaccine manufacturers themselves:

“Conflict of interest statement

AT and MW [authors] are employed by Sanofi Pasteur.”

(These are the authors of the article which advises pediatricians on how to pressure and manipulate you to vaccinate – it’s linked at the beginning of the post.)


*As a side note, I’ve personally experienced this. A pediatrician pulled all of these tactics on me when I declined vaccines for my immune compromised daughter who had just gotten out of the NICU. I never went back. Do not let any doctor try to manipulate you into vaccinating yourself or your child. Find a new doctor. Call around, find someone who will respect your right as the parent to make decisions regarding the health and welfare of your child.

Don’t ever let a doctor bully you or make you feel scared or inferior. Arm yourself with knowledge and understanding of the truth.