Deaths & injuries after the COVID vaccine, from the news media & community

“[P]eople need to understand that the issue of the safety goes well beyond the confines of a clinical trial,” Fauci told CNBC.

“Because when you’re in a clinical trial, you’re giving it for example, the Pfizer trial was 44,000 people. Once you decide to dispense the vaccine widely, you’re talking about millions and tens of millions and ultimately hundreds of millions of doses. So you may see reactions that you didn’t see in the clinical trial…”


All adverse events, including side effects, reactions, injuries, new medical conditions, etc. should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), regardless of whether or not doctors believe the events are related to the vaccine.

The purpose of VAERS is to detect potential problems with vaccines that were not detected by clinical trials due to the limits of the trial (including the relatively small size of the population tested and lack of diversity).

Just because a doctor does not believe an event is related to the vaccine does not mean the event is not related to the vaccine. We will not know how this vaccine affects health for several years or more. The data needs to be collected.

Less than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported to VAERS, according to a Department of Health and Human Services-funded study (page 6).

Report adverse events: Https://

Below is a list of deaths and reactions or injuries following the COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca), as reported by the media and social media community. This list is not all-encompassing.

With regard to personal experiences shared via Facebook posts, I personally witnessed the existence of the posts and screen captured them myself (links to the posts are included).


“A 75-year-old man from northern Israel died of a heart attack barely two hours after receiving the vaccination for the coronavirus, the country’s Health Ministry confirmed.”


“Sonia Acevedo, 41, suffered a ‘sudden death’ at home on New Year’s Day 48 hours after receiving the jab.”

“Ms Acevedo’s father Abilio Acevedo told Portuguese daily Correio da Manha: ‘She was okay. She hadn’t had any health problems.”


“The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner is investigating the death of a doctor weeks after he received a Covid-19 vaccine, according to Darren Caprara, director of operations at the medical examiner’s office.”

“[Dr. Gregory] Michael received a vaccine around December 19 and died ‘late January 3rd into the 4th.’”

Here is a Facebook post created by Dr. Gregory Michael’s wife, regarding the events leading up to his death:


“Twenty-three people died in Norway within days of receiving their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, with 13 of those deaths — all nursing home patients — apparently related to the side effects of the shots, health officials said.”



“A California resident who was vaccinated against COVID-19 died just hours later — and authorities are trying to find out why.”


“RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Two South Dakotans died 24 hours after getting vaccinated for COVID-19, according to state health officials on Wednesday.”


“Tim Zook’s last post on Facebook brimmed with optimism. ‘Never been so excited to get a shot before,’ he wrote on Jan. 5, above a photo of the Band-Aid on his arm and his COVID-19 vaccination card. ‘I am now fully vaccinated after receiving my 2nd Pfizer dose.’”

“A couple of hours later, he had an upset stomach and trouble breathing. By 3:30 p.m. it was so bad his colleagues at work walked him to the emergency room.”

He died on Saturday, January 9th.


“On Thursday, they were given a vaccine for the virus hours before their death.”


“…social care chiefs are now warning that ‘dozens’ of care home residents are dying with the virus before they’re able to receive their second vaccine…”

Note: This is an interesting twist on what is happening, which is that dozens of care home residents are dying shortly after their first dose of the vaccine.


“GLOUCESTER — State and federal agencies are investigating a Gloucester woman’s death that happened a couple of hours after she received a coronavirus vaccination, says Dr. Danny Avula, the state’s vaccine coordinator.

Drene Keyes, 58, died after getting a first dose of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine Saturday in the town of Warsaw. Keyes waited 15 minutes after the shot to be observed by health care providers on site, but soon after experienced vomiting and trouble breathing. She was taken to VCU Tappahannock Hospital, where she died.”

“Keyes’ daughter, Lisa Jones, said she was told the state won’t do a full autopsy ‘due to public health concerns.’”


“A man died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination at the Javits Center in Manhattan but it was not believed to be due to an allergic reaction, state officials say.

The man, in his 70s, collapsed as he was leaving the vaccination site on Sunday morning.”


“A 78-year-old woman died shortly after being inoculated at a mass vaccination site in Los Angeles County, health officials announced Saturday, though there was no evidence the vaccine was at fault.”

“‘While seated in the observation area after the injection, the patient complained of feeling discomfort and while being evaluated by medical personnel, she lost consciousness,’” he said. ‘Paramedics on scene began CPR almost immediately and continued, but she ultimately could not be revived.’”

Sources: (1) (2)

“…the official cause of her death is still unknown, but ‘we suspect it may have just been a stroke but because of the normal side effects of the vaccine it may have masked that’.”

(Attempting to rule out the possibility that the stroke may have been caused by the vaccine itself.)


“He collapsed Sunday, approximately 25 minutes after he was vaccinated at Javits Center New York City. The man later died at the hospital.”


“The man, a long-term care facility resident in his late forties with several coexisiting diseases and conditions, died on Jan. 17 between one and two weeks after receiving his first dose of a Covid vaccine, according to the statement.”


“Williams tested positive for COVID antibodies, meaning he had COVID at one time, but he never knew it. And he had gotten his second COVID vaccine just weeks before his death.”

“…they never found an active virus in Williams body.”



“Daniel Thayne Simpson, a retired accountant from Chesterfield Township who served in the Navy during the Korean War, got his first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on Feb. 3.

The next day, Simpson, 90, was dead.”


“He was given his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on January 2 but began to show Covid symptoms just two days later. He was taken to hospital on January 9 with severe breathing difficulties and his condition deteriorated. Doctors told his family to prepare for the worst. Sadly, Chris died on February 10.”


“The [Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] has received 236 reports of adverse reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that later led to deaths, up to January 31.

Ninety people died shortly after taking the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, while there were another three were the type of vaccine wasn’t specified.”



Side note: Could you imagine if this article was addressing deaths from COVID itself rather than from the vaccine? Deaths following a COVID infection are not acceptable, yet deaths following the COVID vaccine, are?


“Brinkmeyer’s death shocked her family, her mother Shauna O’Neill Link told the blog.

‘My 28 year old daughter took the vaccine on a Tuesday and she was dead by Thursday,’ Link allegedly said in the comment, which was shared by the blog.”


Reactions and Injuries

Nurse passes out shortly after receiving vaccine:

Two cases of anaphylaxis in Alaska:

“FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — A second healthcare worker has experienced a severe reaction after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, officials said Friday.”

“A 17-year-old was hospitalized in the Safra Children’s Hospital’s ICU at Sheba Medical Center a few days after receiving the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the hospital.

The youth arrived at the hospital after feeling intense pains in his chest. He does not have any preexisting conditions.”


“The Sandy Creek school district closed today after numerous staff members reported feeling ill after the second vaccine, district officials said.”

“More than half the employees received the first shot a month ago, and the second injection was Wednesday, Faulkner said.”

“Of those, at least one-third reported feeling ill including fever and other symptoms, Faulkner said.”


Reactions, injuries, & deaths post-COVID vaccination, shared via social media accounts:

The following events were not publicized by the media. There are undoubtedly thousands more events like these that were not posted publicly for others to find and share.

Brant Griner shares in a public Facebook post that his mother has suffered some kind of neurological injury post-vaccination:

An update a month later:

Shawn Skelton has been sharing her personal experience of post-vaccination injuries via Facebook:

Side note: Some of her posts have been censored by Facebook and even “fact checked” as if she is not a real person:

Kristi Simmonds is sharing her experience with the vaccine to make sure others are aware of the risks:

Mike Ginesin posted publicly on February 12th via Facebook that he received the second dose of the COVID vaccine:

His post has since been removed.

He died suddenly, the following day. This is part of his obituary:

Julie Splattstoesser updated her Facebook profile image to include a badge stating she received the COVID vaccine, on December 31st, 2020:

She died unexpectedly, later that same day.

Brittany Hall Perez updated her Facebook profile picture on January 12th to share that she received the COVID vaccine:

She died the next day. Her obituary:

Dawn Dietz posted on February 17th via Facebook that her father received the COVID vaccine on the previous morning, developed a headache afterward and decided to lay down to take a nap, and then passed away in his sleep:

Cheri Roundy shared the news of the death of her friend via Facebook, and states, “the COVID shot took her life”:

Roni Hooker Sisk was a Director of Nursing, and received the COVID Vaccine on January 27th:

She died unexpectedly on February 16th. Her is a portion of her obituary:

Additional resources:

Members who receive a COVID vaccine share their experiences.


Link to Facebook group:

The following group was removed from Facebook before I was able to finish this post. 124.5k members and thousands of personal testimonies, gone:


Link to Facebook group: