Vaccine Information Statements & Informed Consent

The following PDF was made for a presentation I gave to an audience in Twin Falls, Idaho, in January 2020. The content of the presentation covers Vaccine Information Statements and whether or not they are sufficient to provide informed consent to parents and patients. This presentation was unfortunately not recorded.

Presentation PDF:


  • What is “informed consent”?
  • What to expect when you go to the doctor or “well-visit”
  • What is a Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)
  • Dissecting a VIS, using the MMR vaccine as an example.
  • Claims of prevention and protection
  • What measles was like before the vaccine, including mortality rate
  • Why multiple doses of the MMR vaccine are recommended
  • Merck’s fraudulent vaccine efficacy claims
  • What the VIS says without overtly saying it
  • Adverse Events: Comparing the VIS to the vaccine package insert
  • Downplaying risks of adverse events
  • Lack of science to defend vaccine safety
  • The lack of detailed instructions when a serious adverse event occurs
  • Examples of VAERS reports
  • MMR adverse event risks vs measles risks
  • The structure of the VICP and why it exists
  • What important information is missing from the VIS
    • Ingredients, excipients, contaminants (aborted fetal cell DNA, fetal bovine serum, glyphosate…)
    • Natural preventatives and treatments for measles (proper nutrition, vitamin A)
    • Benefits of measles (lifelong immunity, reduced cancer risk, etc.)
  • The lack of informed consent, lack of legal recourse, and difficulty proving injury from a vaccine

Sources are linked in the presentation for further details.